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A glimpse from the past!

A glimpse from the past!

There are an array of different options for you to choose from. We’ll touch briefly on a few here, to get you up to speed on what options are available. On a basic level, Home Audio is anything combining audio & electronic systems for home use. This can incorporate indoors/outdoors, multiple rooms, multiple sources of music, pandora, itunes, tv programming, and much more. The most important thing to remember when thinking about your own setup is what you want to accomplish from a budgetary, performance, and design standpoint.

Basic Home Stereo Systems:

Some folks like a pair of bookshelf speakers in their entertainment center, connected to a basic 2 channel Audio Video Receiver. These people don’t know what they are missing out on, but that is about as basic as it gets.

 2012 Model Receiver for Multi-Zone Audio

2012 Model Receiver for Multi-Zone Audio

Quality Home Audio Design & Installation:

A very popular way to achieve music in multiple rooms is to have speakers installed flush with the ceiling or wall, and have wires hidden within walls, leading back to a receiver which powers the speakers. Each room of house audio will need 2 speakers installed. Many homes are pre-wired to take advantage of utilizing audio in many different rooms. When you do decide on having multiple rooms of music leading back to one amplifier or receiver, the next thing you consider if you would like the ability to play different sources at the same time. If you are concerned with playing your music (ITunes for example) on the patio, while your spouse listens to internet radio in the sitting room, you’ll need a muti-zone receiver. Most of our clients choose this. Why? It doesn’t cost much more, and you get a nice value out of it. This type of system is also expansive, but as you expand into many rooms, you will need added amplifiers and speaker selectors or volume controls integrated.

 Wireless IPAD Control

Wireless IPAD Control

High End Home Audio:

What if you want music in 5 rooms, and need a surround sound system in one space for your TV and Home Theater entertainment? At this point, you’ll be best served with a Whole Home Distributed Audio System .  Basically, you’ll have the choice of in wall panels for control, dedicated system remotes or IPAD control, many sources including Pandora, XM, AM/FM, Itunes, and more. Up to 6 sources are possible. Nuvo is an excellent system that we use time and time again, and is the go-to brand for any larger project. Read more about NuVo Technologies here

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